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We are building a healthier society
All corporate activities of Paldo are based on the founding philosophy of "constructing a healthy society".
The founding philosophy consists of the pioneering spirit that led to creating a corporation amidst social and economic difficulties, commitment to public welfare which led us to prioritize the health of all citizens, and community spirit that tries to provide hopes and dreams to people. Based on this founding philosophy, company mission, vision, and core values were defined and all employees of Paldo are working hard to realize them.


Paldo CI & Logo represent the high of expectation and also high satisfaction level of our customers as they open Paldo products. This represents Paldo's pioneering spirit and corporate philosophy to provide unmatched quality and unique flavor that make our customers happy.


The red color represents the primary color of Korean food and palate. It also symbolizes Paldo's passion and commitment to quality. The green color symbolizes vitality and clean environment and represents Paldo's desire to provide healthful relaxation.